Hi guys! Thanks for the patience and for the 100 followers milestone!

Life has been crazy busy these days and I feel terrible for only blogging a couple of times a week. As I settle into my new job (did I tell you I ended up having a not so good experience at that non profit and then found another job? Jeeez, that story is for another time), I hope to post a bit more and be more active on the blog.
Please bare with me!

I also wanted to take a second to thank you all for helping my reach 100 followers! How cool is that!?! When I started this blog, I just wanted a way to express my thoughts and talk about things I love and you guys really vibed with me! Thank you SOOOOO much! Wohooooo for this super cool milestone. I also want to acknowledge though that it’s not just about reaching this milestone that I am thankful for, but also the awesomeness of my followers. You all are so sweet, are always commenting on my posts and are great people to chat with! Seriously, I love interacting with you all! 😁❤️

Ok, bedtime for me now. After a long week, I think I’ll fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow…..-Sunny

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