25 Random Facts About Me


Hello lovely blogosphere! I thought for today’s post, I would write 25 random facts about me. I love reading these when you all post these type of lists, so I thought I’d do one about myself. Hopefully my list isn’t a major snoozefest, hehe!

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Go Ahead, Laugh at Yourself


I am the first to crack a joke about myself. Why wait for someone else to do it, when you can, am I right? My family is full of jokesters, beginning with my dad who is always laughing at something or another. I think it is good to self reflect and pick up on funny or embarrassing things that you know about yourself. Heck, I can go down a list of things I make fun of about myself. My lack of exercise and stamina, eating too much but being super cool with it because I have weighed the exact same for 5 years now, my big eyes, my OCD, my germaphobia, my lack of job (this one is a bit touchy at the moment LOL), being a homebody, not being hip and happening, being single at 26, etc. etc.

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