My Short-Lived Experience With Online Dating

So, a few months ago, my cousin convinced me to join online dating. I was super reluctant for the longest time, but I finally did. I am a home body, so there aren’t many opportunities for me to meet people, so I thought like-minded individuals who are also home bodies would be online.So, I joined Match.

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Today, I Took A Step Outside My Comfort Zone.



I rarely step out of my comfort zone. I am a creature of habit and always do things the same. In addition to this, I get shy and awkward really quickly when I am put in a different situation. The combination is a no-no.

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Mood #2



Saturday, May 20, 2017

Letting Go

I have a hard time letting go. I am a grudge holder and it’s quite terrible to be honest. They say that time heals all wounds, but I am frequently skeptical. Big or small of a wound, I always remember. I tend to  have that grudge at the back of my mind regardless of if I have forgiven you or pretended to let go. Since my early years, I have been like this. I mean, do people really change? When they hurt you once, don’t you think that just makes it more likely that they will hurt you again?

It is something I need to work on. I know this. My mother always says to let go because it only weakens the person holding on. It comes easy to her, maybe because of her sweet and lovable soul or because she believes this is what God wants. I know she is right, but some part of me just can’t agree with it.

Holding grudges affects me in so many ways. I lose sleep, i continuously play the situation over and over trying to understand it, it puts me in an awful mood and it affects relationships. I pick my battles of course and don’t always hold a grudge, but when I do, it is usually for the long run…..

What is your take on this? Do you hold grudges? If so, when is the time to let go?