Move That Body! 

I finally started working out again! When I say “workout, I mean light jogging, stationary bike, some squats and other basic exercises. Nothing too crazy or intense, but lately I’ve been hearing so much about how having a sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy. It’s not even just about losing weight or eating healthy. Of course, maintaining a good weight and eating a healthy and balanced diet is super important but it is also important to just get moving so you work your WHOLE body. Your heart, your lungs, everything!

I always say that I am going to try and maintain a good routine in terms of exercising but I usually end up being pretty good for about a month and then give up! 😦

I think some of the reasons I give up are the following:

1. I get bored of the same exercises. It becomes to routine that it feels tedious. Solution: switch it up! I am going to try and have three separate routines so that if I work out 3 times a week, I have a different routine each day. I am going to try and also have one routine that puts a lot of freestyle dance in it… because I love to dance! Hehehe.

2. I either get bored of the music I listen to or spend too much time searching my music. Solution: Yesterday, I created different playlists on Apple Music. This, in addition to all the already created playlists that they have, will hopefully keep things fun!

3. I focus on weight too much and when o don’t see a difference, I feel discouraged. I have weighed the exact same for a couple of years now, which can be good and bad, I guess. Solution: just don’t look at the scale! I’m going to try and only weigh myself once every two weeks. I know that the number reason I am exercising is not to lose weight, but I still have this obsession of knowing how much I weigh and if anything has changed! It doesn’t really make sense!

Anyways, I am going to try and keep up this routine. Even if it’s for a half hour, three times a day, I think it will be good. Wish me luck y’all! (I know it’s not luck I need but some discipline haha!)



Today Was A Good Day.

Today was a good day. —–cue the Ice Cube song… hehehe

Today was one of the best days I have had in a long time. Reason being, I woke up happy and full of energy. I have been feeling a bit down the past couple of weeks, especially with the stresses of finding a job. The endless job searching, cover letter writing, and interviewing is tiring. Today, I woke up unexpectedly energized and excited to start the day.

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