My Newfound Appreciation For Flowers

Something I have noticed recently, I have a new appreciation for keeping flowers inside the home. I love it! I use to think it was overrated and wasn’t sure why people spent so much money on buying flowers for their home only to put it in a vase and have them die in a few days, but now I get it!

The different colors, the smell, the natural beauty.

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Oh, How I Wish I Had Nice Skin!

unnamed (1).jpg

I have always been self conscious about my skin. I started getting pretty bad acne around 14 and it never really seemed to go away fully. I have acne scars all over my face, my back and a few on my chest. I tried countless products and in the end had to rely on prescription pills and creams because there was really no other way around it. Now, I use a prescription cream for maintenance and for when the breakouts come running back.

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