Happy BC Day Long Weekend!

Things I have discovered so far this long weekend:

1. Arko may be faking his aging sometimes to get out of doing stuff…. to be determined but I am convinced! He will walk like a poor, old dog when he doesn’t like the route and then starts trotting along when he gets his way! 🐾

2. My mom just discovered Amazon and is going nuts buying everything she can click! It’s too funny!

3. I miss football! Football is my favourite sport and I am SO excited for the the regular season to begin in September! Today, my brother and I played catch in the yard and it was so fun! 🏈

4. My dad hides his pain all too well these days. I want to get inside his mind and dig deep to see how I can help him. Tomorrow is Rakhri, which is an Indian tradition/festival that celebrates the love and bond between brothers and sisters. It’s his first year without his sister and it’s affecting him more than he’d like to admit.

Hope you all are enjoying the weeknd or long weekend if you are in Canada!

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