Seeking Professional Help Again


After a couple of weeks of so much anxiety and my OCD just taking over to the extent that I couldn’t think anymore, I have decided to seek professional help again. I’ve seeked help before, however the therapists, psychiatrists and meds didn’t do much and so I gave up. The meds slowed me down and although I know technically that is what is supposed to happen in order for me to not freak out out easily, I hated it. I hated not caring and it made me feel so lazy. It made me feel like I didn’t want to change because having OCD and being a germaphobe was better than not caring and being unmoved by things that would trigger me normally.

Speaking to professionals helped, however only for a little time. It felt good speaking to someone openly without judgement and I felt great after my sessions and for the next couple of days felt like I was more in control over my rituals but then I would end up making other ritual instead.

I’m trying again now. I feel like it gets so bad sometimes that it’s now affecting my relationships and that is never a good thing. I feel like when that line is crossed and my close ones are getting fed up, it is a push to do something.

A couple of things that I also want to do is consistently exercise as I feel better when I do workout. Also, I am looking for OCD groups in my area.

I really hope there is a difference this time. I completely understand that my mental illness will stay with me till I die, but if it could get better, I could live with less stress, anxiety and an easier daily life. Not to mention, hopefully to keep my relations strong and unaffected.

14 thoughts on “Seeking Professional Help Again

      1. No, I wasn’t sure what that was until I googled it. We have universal health care. I’m in Canada. There are lots of great services here however the person I am currently seeing is only covered in my extended health benefits which won’t come into effect till January 2018.

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