My Saturday Night

Oh what a Saturday night. You would think that when a story starts with that, It had to be a great time…. worst Saturday since time!

I went to a BBQ last night where there was a lot of heavy drinking. I like a beer or two, but my OCD always kicks in and tells me to stop because I don’t like losing control. Now, the person I went to the BBQ with on the other hand drank all night. I ended having to take care of her and brought her to my house. The shittiness associated with this decision of being a good friend though…. ahhhhh!

My drunk friend ended up falling in a ditch on our walk home. It was super funny when it happened (don’t worry, she was fine and a lot of the streets where I live are beside small ditches) but it went all downhill from there. It was barf galore for the next few hours. Then there was a brief moment of crying and apologizing coming from my friend. Then, my paranoia set it because I felt like she couldn’t breathe anymore and was losing too much liquid from her body. I contemplated if I should take her to emergency but she insisted she was ok. Anyhow, it was a crazy night to say the least.

Sunday, I spent the whole day cleaning. Cleaning the washroom, the floors, all of my bed sheets, etc. It’s Tuesday and I still feel like my house is dirty and I’ve missed something in terms of cleaning!

This is just a mini rant hahahah that I had to get out. The weekend went by and the week has just started but I’m already exhausted!!! Also, a word of advice; please know your limit when it comes to drinking. It’s only fun for a bit and WILL end up terrible if you go past your limit. Trust me, it’s not worth it for so many reasons!!! Stay buzzed, that’s the way to go!!


8 thoughts on “My Saturday Night

  1. Oh dear don’t you hate it when that happens! You are such a kind friend! I remember my friend being drunk and I was in the shower because of my OCD and she was sick everywhere after I was clean. OMG! Amy Belle

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    1. Yes! Totally hate it and thanks hhaha. I’d like to hope that one day when I’m in need, that friend will come through and help me!

      Oh no! That’s the worst! When you’re all clean and come out to that mess! I would freak out. Honestly, that would just make me cry!

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      1. I hope that your friend was appreciative in the morning? Having cleaning OCD is terrible isn’t it? Sometimes I give myself so much to do I want to cry too. All the best, Amy Belle


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