Got Ladyballs?

I’ve got the ladyballs to take action.

Two years ago, I started volunteering with Ovarian Cancer Canada. My aunt was diagnosed with stage 3c Ovarian Cancer about a year before that and I wanted to do something to support the cause that she would then pass away from in September 2016.


Alot of women do not know that there is no regular screening for the cancer. They think a pap test is enough, but no. Pap tests do not detect ovarian cancer. In addition to there being no regular screening for the cancer, the symptoms are so general, that most women get diagnosed in the later stages. Ovarian Cancer is the most fatal reproductive cancer in females and unfortunately, the outcomes for the cancer have not changed in 50 years.

I am writing this post because I want to share with you the above facts about ovarian cancer, but also share with you a small but mighty organization that does their very best to raise funds for research and also provide programs and services to women with the cancer and their families.

This September, I will once again be taking part in the Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope. For the second year in a row, I have been on the volunteer committee for the Walk of Hope. I am responsible for community partnerships related to food and beverage as well as the survivors “day of” experience. This Walk of Hope, is exactly that; hope. Hope that the survivors will stay with us for as long as possible, hope that the women we have lost can now rest in peace, hope that the future is filled with research and better outcomes. It is an absolutely wonderful event that includes music, food, hair and make up stylists, massages, and face paint. But more than this, it is day for anyone connected to the cause to show their support by taking part in the 2/5km walk. It is a day to showcase all of the fundraising efforst that people have made in the past few months. It is a day to recognize the families who have lost loved ones to this disease. It is a day to love HER.


For more information about Ovarian Cancer, visit:



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