Move That Body! 

I finally started working out again! When I say “workout, I mean light jogging, stationary bike, some squats and other basic exercises. Nothing too crazy or intense, but lately I’ve been hearing so much about how having a sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy. It’s not even just about losing weight or eating healthy. Of course, maintaining a good weight and eating a healthy and balanced diet is super important but it is also important to just get moving so you work your WHOLE body. Your heart, your lungs, everything!

I always say that I am going to try and maintain a good routine in terms of exercising but I usually end up being pretty good for about a month and then give up! 😦

I think some of the reasons I give up are the following:

1. I get bored of the same exercises. It becomes to routine that it feels tedious. Solution: switch it up! I am going to try and have three separate routines so that if I work out 3 times a week, I have a different routine each day. I am going to try and also have one routine that puts a lot of freestyle dance in it… because I love to dance! Hehehe.

2. I either get bored of the music I listen to or spend too much time searching my music. Solution: Yesterday, I created different playlists on Apple Music. This, in addition to all the already created playlists that they have, will hopefully keep things fun!

3. I focus on weight too much and when o don’t see a difference, I feel discouraged. I have weighed the exact same for a couple of years now, which can be good and bad, I guess. Solution: just don’t look at the scale! I’m going to try and only weigh myself once every two weeks. I know that the number reason I am exercising is not to lose weight, but I still have this obsession of knowing how much I weigh and if anything has changed! It doesn’t really make sense!

Anyways, I am going to try and keep up this routine. Even if it’s for a half hour, three times a day, I think it will be good. Wish me luck y’all! (I know it’s not luck I need but some discipline haha!)


13 thoughts on “Move That Body! 

  1. Well done! Taking action is a big step. I love that you’ve assessed why you weren’t able to maintain your exercise routines before but more importantly you’ve come up with some possible solutions. It’s not talk anymore but action! Keep it up and best wishes to you on this journey to a better you. I love to dance too and you’re right make it fun just get moving – well said.

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  2. Good for you hun! Talking about music have you ever heard of the drum and base bank Nero? There music is on ITunes and is brilliant to work out to!

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