Happy Father’s Day!

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Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

My Dad is the most hardworking and honest person I know. He came to Canada when he was 14 years old and after going to high school for a couple of years, he dropped out to support his family back home in India. He remembers his first job fondly; a delivery boy for the local Chinese Restaurant. Making only 5 dollars an hour, he worked hard to get tips so that he could support himself here and his parents, grandparents and sister back home.

My dad said his life changed when he met my mom in 1986. In 1988, they married and he said that is when his life really began for him. They had me two years later, and then in 1996, they had my brother, Nove. My dad worked many jobs, from roofing to putting up glass in large buildings. He started framing homes with a man named Sam, who he saw as a father figure. When Sam passed away in 2003, my dad decided to start his own framing business. Now, he builds homes for people and has turned into a general contractor.

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No matter how many homes, my dad has made, he never forgets about his own home. Our home, our family and our bond is the most important thing for him. At 50 years old, my dad is still madly in love with my mom, adores his children (especially his 4 legged baby, Arko), is mortgage free, has made a name for himself, and works because he LOVE his work. He enjoys what he does and I am so happy to see this. My dad has gone through lots of hard times. Whether it was money problems, having so many responsibilities on his shoulders at such a young age, or having so many people back stab him in his business, he has made it to the other side. The side of success.

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My dad didn’t get a lot of love from his father. He was adopted by his uncle so that he could come here to Canada and my uncle also didn’t see him as a son. He had a father figure, Sam but he passed too soon. So many others passed away that were close to him. My mom always says that anyone that gets too close to my dad, gets sick and dies. My grandma died young. My dad’s best friend Lalli died when I was about 3. Then, Sam died. Then, my dad’s other best friend who actually lived in our basement died. His name was Locksley and I remember him so fondly. He was a great guy and a great father too. Last September, my dad’s sister died. This death hit him the hardest. My aunt had Ovarian Cancer and although we knew she wouldn’t live for very long, the last few days of her life were so hard. I will never forget the pain in my Dad’s eyes when he said goodbye to his sister the day before she passed. They were so close and now she was going up the heaven to see her mom.

I am so proud of my dad. I really am. He is such a good father and although he didn’t get a lot of love from his own father and still yearns for it, he didn’t become his father. My dad is full of love. Don’t get me wrong, he is one mean son a ——-/ He is always ready to fight and never bows down, but he is loyal, loving, and a hoot and a half. A very funny guy, with a heat of gold. So supportive, so ambitious and a truly good man.

Dad, as you always say; I love you like good cooked food.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Your father went through all of that and is still as strong?? I admire him. Hard work does pay. If we persevere, we’ll get to the peak like he did. A huge happy Father’s Day to him!!

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