Today Was A Good Day.

Today was a good day. —–cue the Ice Cube song… hehehe

Today was one of the best days I have had in a long time. Reason being, I woke up happy and full of energy. I have been feeling a bit down the past couple of weeks, especially with the stresses of finding a job. The endless job searching, cover letter writing, and interviewing is tiring. Today, I woke up unexpectedly energized and excited to start the day.

Highlights of my day included:

  1. Making breakfast. I rarely do a nice breakfast spread, but today was different. My brother just got his 3rd and last surgery for his broken ankle, so I decided to be a good sister and treat him to a nice home cooked breakfast. We had eggs, toast, sausages, bacon, pancakes, fruit, and cha. It was delicious!!!
  2. I got rid of so many things in my closet. I feel like cleaning out your closet is a never ending story. I don’t buy a lot of new clothes at once, but I still feel like my closet fills up so fast and I have to do the regular “let’s throw out all the random shit you never wear” cleaning session way too often. It feel so good to throw things out though, seriously.


  3. Arko and I had a really nice walk. We went to the park near the house. There was a baseball tournament happening and the park was packed. There were lots of cheers and chants going on. It was so fun! Arko wasn’t a huge fan of all the people though, so we had to detour and get out of the park and walk where it was quieter. Whenever I walk Arko without my brother, he takes advantage of me. He knows that I am the nice sibling and that I will go wherever he pulls towards. He knows that I will let him sniff a spot of grass for a minute without tugging on the leash. So smart he is, or maybe too nice I am?
  4. I watched the basketball finals. It was game 2; Warriors vs. Cavaliers and it was fun to watch. I am not a basketball fan at all. In fact, I have probably watched a maximum of 5 full games in my life. Football is my type of sport. I am SO excited for September to come, which is when the football season starts. I like the rough and tough sports where you can push each other around. All the flopping and random fouls in basketball kind of piss me off, but the game was fun to watch nonethless.
  5. For dinner, I made chicken enchiladas, my favourite dish! I’ll have to put up the recipe on my blog one day. I don’t actually have a recipe, I kind of just have it in my head, but I’ll have to take some time out and write it out. With my enchiladas, I had a couple of Canadians….. For anyone living in Canada, you will know I mean Molson Canadian Beer. Ok.. fine I had like 4, not a couple. Beer is just so refreshing on  a warm, sunny day. (Please drink responsibly. I feel like I have to put this disclaimer in there.)


Anyways, it may not seem like a super productive or exciting day for a normal person. However, with all the stress that has recently been weighing on me, today was a good day for me.

4 thoughts on “Today Was A Good Day.

  1. I think it is very productive self-care is so essential! To top it off, you also got to help your brother! Sounds like an awesome! I too, love cleaning and cooking when feeling stressed! Hope you will have much​ more happy days! Blessings! Xoxo

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