I Am Dog Obsessed. What Can You Do, Am I Right?


So last night, I had another internal reminder (as I often do), that I am dog obsessed. With my dog, but in general too.

I was saying good night to Arko, my 8 year old German Shepherd and although the good night should have taken 10 seconds, it took five minutes. I had a full on conversation with him. You know why? Because I am way too obsessed with my dog. He is the apple of my eye, my sunshine, my sweet, sweet, sweet baby boy. Before we got Arko, I did not think I would like having a dog. I have OCD and am a Germaphobe. and so having a dog was just out of the question for me. But, things changed when he became a part of my family 8 years ago. He was an exception. Anyhoo, so back to my realization. I was saying good night for five whole minutes. I told Arko how beautiful he was, how perfect he was, how he is my precious child, my “sweets”, etc. etc. Hug, kiss hug. Pet, hug, pet. It was hilarious! I laughed at myself. You know when you do something ridiculous and embarrassing and then you look around like, what the eff is wrong with me? I’d like to think that a lot of dog owners are the same. Heck, I am pretty sure they are. I mean, my dad does the same when he says good night to Arko! So, I was  thinking about the weird, crazy and sometimes smart, sweet dog-related things I do/think.

  1. I do the above. I talk to my dog and act like he knows exactly what I am saying… like he’s going to respond…..Honestly though, I feel like talking to my dog is a type of therapy for me. You can just talk and talk and talk. No interruptions. It is so easy to get all my thoughts out! LOL
  2. I sing to him when I bathe him. Sometimes they are actual songs, sometimes I just have a conversation with him in a sing song voice. To justify this though, I feel like singing to him helps him keep calm. When Arko was a puppy, he use to HATE going into the bathtub. I would sing to him to distract him and it worked (I think) He still hates being washed, but once he is in the washroom, he knows what’s up.
  3. I use baby wipes on my dog. I buy the wipes in bulk and use them instead of dog wipes. I have been asked so many times if I have a baby/toddler. I always say I do, he just has four legs. (Ok, I don’t actually say that, but I think it) This of course has a bit to do with me germ fears. I would rather use these wipes though, then wash him more than he needs to be washed, so the wipes are the answer. One for the body, two for his feet and two for his butt. Seriously though, dog owners, if you don’t clean your dogs butt daily, then… well, you should.
  4. Arko has three beds in the house. One in the family room, one in the living room and one in my room. At night, he usually sleeps on his bed that is in my room. When he doesn’t come upstairs to sleep, I get so sad. 😦 It’s so sad that I do. LOL. Pathetic almost, but come on!
  5. If something seems off, I google my health concerns. This is terrible and always a downward spiral for me. Google is not the answer for health concerns. The worst possibility is always the one I think Arko has. Then, I take him to the vet. Do you know how much money I have wasted on taking Arko to the vet for no actual, serious reason? It’s good to be safe, but even the vet has told me that I worry too much.
  6. When I drink tea or am having dessert, I give Arko a tiny piece. He always gets a piece. He knows the exact three times too. In the morning and afternoon when I drink tea, and at 9pm when I have dessert. It doesn’t matter where he is in the house, he will hear me and go sit on his bed waiting for the treat. It is the cutest. He is SO dang smart. I know it’s not that smart, but he IS so dang smart.
  7. I smell my dog. Ok, this one is possibly the weirdest one. I like the dog smell. Like the smell of dog fur when it hasn’t been washed for a couple of weeks. It gives me comfort. I know it’s weird, but it’s just such a familiar smell!
  8. At least once a day, I think about how old my dog is getting and how dogs don’t live long enough. I started worrying about Arko aging when he turned 2…2! They grow so fast and before you know it, they are senior dogs. It really is tough. Heck, if I had the money, I would SOOOOOO do the genetic cloning! Ok.. I wouldn’t actually do it because I don’t want to play god and a lesson in life is letting go, but STILL! When the time comes for him to go, it will be the worst day of my life. I am dead serious about this.

So, to any dog owners out there, do  you do any of these? Any weird dog-related things you do?


10 thoughts on “I Am Dog Obsessed. What Can You Do, Am I Right?

    1. It is so tough, it really is. They become a part of your family and losing a family member is the hardest thing. I think all we can do is appreciate the time we have with our dogs and make their lives as comfortable and fun filled as possible. Your dogs time may be short, but 16 years of having him must have been the best years for you and for him.

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      1. That is the beauty of dogs, they stay with us forever. The memories, the love and the loyalty they give us will never go away. I don’t doubt that your love for him will leave him either. He will be thinking of you in doggy heaven, but that time has not come yet and hopefully won’t come too soon.

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