Go Ahead, Laugh at Yourself


I am the first to crack a joke about myself. Why wait for someone else to do it, when you can, am I right? My family is full of jokesters, beginning with my dad who is always laughing at something or another. I think it is good to self reflect and pick up on funny or embarrassing things that you know about yourself. Heck, I can go down a list of things I make fun of about myself. My lack of exercise and stamina, eating too much but being super cool with it because I have weighed the exact same for 5 years now, my big eyes, my OCD, my germaphobia, my lack of job (this one is a bit touchy at the moment LOL), being a homebody, not being hip and happening, being single at 26, etc. etc.

You would think that I would be self conscious about the above, and sometimes I am. But that occurs in the ups and downs we call life. Sometimes I don’t feel like talking about my future, sometimes I think it’s a HOOT AND A HALF! LOL

Another reason why I feel like I can joke about myself is because of my best friend Taylor. Taylor is like the sister I never had, and we are constantly making fun of ourselves and each other. There is too much humor in us to keep it all in.  Who knows us more than ourselves? Nobody. So, why not take those things and let them go in a downward spiral and laugh all the way to the bottom? HAHAAA 😊

What about you all? Anyone good at poking fun at themselves?

5 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Laugh at Yourself

  1. I actually learnt to laugh things off from my brother. I find that it makes me worry less. Now, I laugh off everything with my friend Chioma. I definitely know that feeling of having a friend be the sister I never had.


    1. I’m glad! Ya, I think it makes me worry a bit less too. Especially when ti comes to my OCD.

      Glad you have a friend that is more like a sister too. I can’t imagine my life without my best friend!


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