May 15, 2017

I have been looking for a job for 7 months. In fact, it was 7 months this past Friday. I have had little to no luck. Currently unemployed, I have applied to probably 100+ jobs and have had 14 interviews. I was offered one job at a hospital foundation, but the offer was just so low, almost disrespectful, that I had to decline. Let’s just say I got paid that amount when I was 17 working in a kitchen. Since I come from a non-profit background, money is not the main factor, the passion and love for the sector is. However, I had to decline that particular position because it was just impossible for me survive off of that. Besides this, I have gotten no offers and It has been bringing me down.

Rejections are the worst, but I always try to learn from them. Whenever I get a rejection call, I always thank them for their time and ask about what they think I should improve on. The answer (if they do reply back), is almost always that I was a close second. That there is nothing they can think of that I can do to improve and that I interviewed well. They just happened to give the job to someone either with more experience or hired internally. These responses are almost more disappointing than a straight up no! Like…. if I was “so great” and my “experience and background is exactly what you were looking for” then hire me DAMNIT!

I have applied to all sorts of non-profit sector positions and post secondary institution positions as that is where my background and experience is in. I have applied to positions regardless of location of the job, positions that I may even be under or overqualified for with no luck. I always research the organization and the position. I always practice for the interview and try to come up with practical and relatable examples that show my experience and background. I always ask thoughtful questions at the end of the interview to show my interest, and I always send a thank you email within the 24 hour time period.

So, I am stumped. I mean… 7 months!?!? Jeez. I did not think that with a business degree, a good variety of work and volunteer experience and a determined attitude, that it would take me this long. I did save up from my last position, but I am worried as my bank account is going down and no deposits are being made.

Maybe I shouldn’t have quit my last job. They do always say that finding a job while you are employed is easier. But, this is just too much. I feel so disheartened. I really have not felt as rejected, useless and let down about my future as I currently am. I am 26, in my prime years to be working and creating a good career path for myself. I just can’t seem to catch a break. I am trying to be as hopeful as possible, but it is so hard.

2 thoughts on “MOOD #1

  1. I wouldn’t say quitting your last job was moving in the wrong direction. Maybe you are just following THE PLAN. God’s plan for you. He probably don’t want you going about seeking jobs, He wants you to make on. Take a good look at your baking skills, your recipes. Maybe it’s time to sharpen it, or make it sell. I mean, I love them and some other person(s) might like them too. Just be real, be you, and be Damn Creative! Create that job you’re looking for.
    I love drawing, but my parents didn’t support it. Well, now am going back online to make myself good at it again and so far YouTube is helping. So dear sunsunny, bring out that sun. There are loads of opportunities inside you..find them and make things happen!😊😉

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    1. Thank you for the uplifting words, they mean a lot. That is one for reasons I started a blog, to express myself and share recipes, advice and stories. I think you should always stick what you enjoy doing but financially that isn’t possible for me right now. You are so sweet, thank you.

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